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An old poem that I found….

I found an old journal of mine with a bunch of random writing. I used to write poetry – I have not in a long time. This poem was one I wrote at the time that I was about to get married. It was a blast from my past and I wanted to share it … Continue reading

Social Gospel good or bad?

    As our nation is on the dawn of an election, we as a people are starting our metaphorical political day with a cup of coffee, chatting about some very important issues! With issues such as a war in a country that for hundreds of years has opporated without the freedoms that we Americans have quite … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello World! This is my first blogging experience – and I’m a little nervous to put myself out to the world! There are a couple of things that I wish to commit you you as we engage together through life’s issues. I first want to commit that I will be completely honest as I write my thoughts … Continue reading