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Dancing with the Stars – Fan or Not?

So the American Dance show phenomenon Dancing with the Stars is back in full swing – pun intended! With it’s quasi- celeb intrigue and the judges and let’s not forget the hosts Tom and Samantha, the show has something to offer. I must admit that I used to really love this show, but something has … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Benjy Rench

Benjy is a friend of mine that I think is so amazing. He epitomizes creativity! He uses almost every creative media to express his art! His fine art has a really cool vibe and his music is amazing as well. I met Benjy when I lived in Temecula California and really connected with him as a friend. … Continue reading

Confession: I used to mock blogging!

The first blog I ever wrote was a blog that described in great detail how blogging was lame and in the very fact that I was writing a blog found incredible irony.  To tell you the truth it just seemed like a waste of time! Now I find myself like a learned schoolboy – taught … Continue reading

Working in the Office

So up until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have an office space. I had given my office to Randy (Our Exec. Pastor) thinking that I would just work from home. Well I quickly found out that with two little ones running around that working from home wasn’t going to work out so well! … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Shawn Tyler Gray

  Shawn Tyler Gray is a singer song writer as well as worship director at Rock Point Church! I think he has one one of those voices that just makes you want to listen and sing along! He is incredibly talented and creative in his writing. In addition to being an amazing artist he is … Continue reading

Free! Tips to minimize germs in public bathrooms! “Important!”

  You might want apply these tips next time you are in a public bathroom! Walk into and find a urinal or toilet to use. Don’t touch the door with your hands on the way in. In fact, don’t touch anything if possible. Realize that germs are everywhere. Whenever you flush the toilet, microscopic particles … Continue reading

Rock Point Church

Christ left us with an amazing privilege to be involved as a community of believers. In Greek there is a word “Eklessia” which means the called out. It is used to communicate a gathering of people for a specific purpose. We as the church universal are called out for a specific purpose and that purpose … Continue reading


I honestly think I have some of the coolest friends on the planet, but I’m really not sure how good of a friend that I am. I mean I am a fairly busy person and am constantly battling feeling like I am not spending enough time with my friends! I think the thing that is … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Promise Tangeman

Artist Profile: Promise Tangeman Promise is one of those artist that just blows my mind. She has an amazing creativity and style and beautiful use of color. Her art is connected intematly with pop culture, yet has a timless quality to it as well. Promise is an artist that I can’t wait to see her … Continue reading

Coaching Soccer

    So this year my sister in law Carrie asked me if I would coach my niece Micah’s soccer team. Let me first start by saying that I love soccer. I played as a kid and then started playing again before my injury. I think it is a fabulous game that incorporates all aspects … Continue reading