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I am thinking of hosting a political debat

I was thinking of hosting a political debate to get the various opinions on the upcoming elections and how our faith relates. Is their anyone that would be interested in this? 

The debate would be centered around a few topics and a few questions on each topic. People could choose to debate on the topic they wish. We would limit the number of people in each debate to 4 and it would be moderated by myself. 

I just feel passionate that people have a healthy forum to discuss their beliefs and to be able for create an environment that promotes informed opinions. 

If you think this would be fun – please comment!

About chipneal

I am 31 years old, married to Amy and have three kids Cana and Jackson and Malina. I am an insurance producer with Gillespie Insurance Services in Redlands California. I enjoy the outdoors, mountain biking, Hikeing, Surfing and mostly spending time with my family. I am interested in life and what makes people tick.


One thought on “I am thinking of hosting a political debat

  1. i would absolutely show up for this. i won’t be in it, but, i’d come 🙂

    Posted by brianwurzell | September 9, 2008, 9:51 pm

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