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Cost of Freedom!

We live in an exceptional nation. A nation that is willing not only to offer our freedoms but to protect them as though they are a child of our own. I hear people talk about us living in a day and age of party politics! I don’t understand this statement as our country was founded … Continue reading

A random sighting – The Burrito Shack

So the other day I was at the burrito shack – it this little shack literally that has really good burritos. So I was waiting for my burrito to come and I started looking around and saw the most random thing that I have ever seen. I saw these baggies with water in them and … Continue reading

My man bag!

      So I have dove head first into the reality that purses are quite functional. I purchased a man bag at buckle the other day, and people call me what you will but I love it. I have room for all of my stuff. I can hold my phone and wear skinny jeans … Continue reading

To long in the Hot Tub!

So last night Brian Wurzell and I were in the hot tub ready to bring in the New Year. Well we apparenty were in there for about 2 hours! I thought that the skin on my hands might fall off!    DON’T STAY IN THE HOT TUB TOO LONG OR YOUR SKIN MIGHT FALL OFF!