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Trip to Dallas

So our Executive Team went to Dallas for our last session with Leadership Network on Generosity! It was a good workshop. It is so good for our team to get away and have discussion that in the day to day grind we don’t have the opportunity to have. The best part for me on this … Continue reading

New Home Defense Firearm

So since Amy and I have been married, I have been wanting to get a home defense gun! I like the idea of having a way to protect my family in the unfortunate occurrence of an intruder in my home. My father in law was out here this last week and we spent some time looking at … Continue reading

We Got Towed at Savers!

So Amy and I went on a little day date today! It was a great day. We had a great lunch at Wildflower and then went to Ikea. (Amy loves Ikea – I get a little overwhelmed) We had a good time there and bought a few things then headed down the street to Savers … Continue reading

Amy’s Birthday!

So it is my wife Amy’s birthday on March 15th! Let me just start by saying that I am so blessed by my wife. I definitely married out of my league! Not only is she sooooo beautiful, she is smart and makes me laugh everyday! So she is turning 31 this year and is not too happy about … Continue reading

Second Cortisone Shot Much Better!

So I got a second cortisone shot yesterday (Friday) and I can tell that this one worked much better than the first one. While I am still sore from the procedure, my left leg is not numb and in fact I don’t have any pain in my leg or hip! I still have a little bit … Continue reading

Cana – rode her bike without training wheels!

So yesterday Amy and I took Cana to the park to try riding her bike without her training wheels. When we got there and took off her wheels she got a little nervous and gave us a little problem. She just ran away and threw her helmet and refused to ride her bike. We let … Continue reading

Conservative Radio Talk Show Hosts Sound Ignorant!

So I do my fair share of listening to conservative talk radio. For the most part I agree with most of the things that they stand for and say, but I am a little suprised at how strong they are coming at Obama on the economy. Even If I don’t agree with Obama’s plan he … Continue reading

Updated Link to Promise’s New Blog!

So if you haven’t been to a really cool and creative blog recently, please check out promise’s new blog! http://promisetangemanblog.com/ She just has talent that screams out of everything that she does. Also if you are looking for design work or photography she is definately worth checking out. She is a really neat girl and a … Continue reading

My new Haircut

So a few weeks ago I put a poll out there and many of you voted on what Haircut I should get. It was actually a tie between Ryan Hanson and Zack Effron. If you don’t know who they are scroll down a few posts and you can see the pictures. So on Friday I … Continue reading

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society Banquet

Well Amy and I went to our first Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society Banquet tonight. My friend Brad got us tickets to go! It is a fundraiser to help conserve the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep. It is a great cause and I was so appreciative to have been able to go! It was an interesting … Continue reading