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Update on my health!

First off – let me just express my overwhelming thanks to all of you that have offered your encouragement , prayers and support! It really does mean so much to Amy and I. This has been a little overwhelming for us – or maybe just me, but your support has really meant a lot to me!

This last week has been really tough  as I have been trying to get my blood sugar in a normal range. Yesterday Pastor Randy Deal – who is also a pharmacist that specializes in Diabetes, called my doctor for me and got me on insulin. I took one shot and my sugar levels are now normal. It is really good that I am in the normal range, but now my body is reacting a little and feels like my blood sugar is low – like I need to eat, but am not hungry. I guess this is normal and will go away in a day or two. It’s just my body adjusting to what is normal. I am really worn out though. I slept 11 hour last night on the couch! I just couldn’t wake up to go to bed. I feel like I could sleep all day, but I know that I need to get moving! I have come to grips with this new adventure and am embracing it as best I know how. The nice thing is that I am eating really healthy! I will keep you posted! Thanks again for your support!


About chipneal

I am 31 years old, married to Amy and have three kids Cana and Jackson and Malina. I am an insurance producer with Gillespie Insurance Services in Redlands California. I enjoy the outdoors, mountain biking, Hikeing, Surfing and mostly spending time with my family. I am interested in life and what makes people tick.


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