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So it has been a while since I have posted a blog! part of that is becuase I have been rather sick and the other part is that I just haven’t known what to say…… It seems that sometimes our fallen world doesn’t make sence! Not just for me but for so many that are … Continue reading

“I wonder what the poor people are doing?”

So I was hunting a few months back with my buddy Brad (Brad Remfrey is such an amazing guy! He is one of the best and most loyal friends in the world!) and we were up on top of a mountain looking out at the valley below, when he said somehting to me that I … Continue reading

The best thing that has ever happened to me!

So I had a really good day today! It was fairly uneventful, but I am starting to feel better. I have also started to work through some stuff emotionally and mentally the past few days. I think I just need to be honest with myself that I am sort of worn out! This past couple … Continue reading

Update on my health!

First off – let me just express my overwhelming thanks to all of you that have offered your encouragement , prayers and support! It really does mean so much to Amy and I. This has been a little overwhelming for us – or maybe just me, but your support has really meant a lot to me! This … Continue reading

So – I guess I’m a diabetic!

So yesterday I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am going to be writing about this process because I feel like it is good to be open journal about my experience with this disease and I also want to open this door of my life to all of you that may read. I will be posting … Continue reading

Chip’s Top 10 Favorite Things to do!

Here are my 10 most favorite things to do! 1. Hang out with Amy (not just saying this for sex – I really mean it!) 2. Play with my Kids – Cana and Jackson 3. Hunt/Fish 4. Hang out in my Garage 5. Watch TV Shows 6. Paint 7. Surf 8. Leadership/Speaking 9. Mountain Bike … Continue reading

Products that work for Dried Hands and Feet!

So every Summer the same thing happens to me and for some reason it catches me off guard. I am always plagued by extremely dry feet. Dry feet to the point that my heels crack and it becomes really painful. This year my hands got extremely dry as well. My wife Amy informed me last year that my feet … Continue reading

Top 20 fav TV Shows of all time!

Here are my top 20 favorite TV Shows of all time. Please let me know if any of your favorites showed up on the list! 1. The West Wing 2. The Wire 3. The Biggest Looser 4. Greys Anatomy 5. The Shield 6. Friends 7. Southland (New) 8. Prison Break 9. Battlestar Galactica 10. The … Continue reading

Trip to Dallas

So our Executive Team went to Dallas for our last session with Leadership Network on Generosity! It was a good workshop. It is so good for our team to get away and have discussion that in the day to day grind we don’t have the opportunity to have. The best part for me on this … Continue reading

New Home Defense Firearm

So since Amy and I have been married, I have been wanting to get a home defense gun! I like the idea of having a way to protect my family in the unfortunate occurrence of an intruder in my home. My father in law was out here this last week and we spent some time looking at … Continue reading