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Trip to Dallas

So our Executive Team went to Dallas for our last session with Leadership Network on Generosity! It was a good workshop. It is so good for our team to get away and have discussion that in the day to day grind we don’t have the opportunity to have. The best part for me on this … Continue reading

Hope – What happens if it doesn’t work

Hope is a powerful word. The merriam webster dictionary defines hope as: intransitive verb1: to cherish a desire with anticipation  :transitive verb1: to desire with expectation of obtainment2: to expect with confidence.  You can’t talk about hope without understanding at the core Trust. With this economic stimulus package ready to be spent into our economy and a president who … Continue reading

Truth and Love

Truth and love…….. two principles that alone are good, but together have the power to transform the world!   Over the past couple of months during this season of politics, I have been asked by family and friends to engage in conversation arguing my beliefs or thoughts on candidates and views on politics and religion … Continue reading

Yes – I’m a hunter!

It may not be the most popular pastime – especially during this economic season that we are in, but I am a hunter and love it! Let me tell you why I love to hunt. First of all I love being in the outdoors! I love being rugged and in God’s creation! When I am … Continue reading

What role should the Church play on Politics?

  It is an age old argument. What role does the church play on politics. Jesus was very clear that we should support the law of the land. As Christians we are to be in the world but not of it. The very nature of the gospel shows us a way to live that is … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Shawn Tyler Gray

  Shawn Tyler Gray is a singer song writer as well as worship director at Rock Point Church! I think he has one one of those voices that just makes you want to listen and sing along! He is incredibly talented and creative in his writing. In addition to being an amazing artist he is … Continue reading

Rock Point Church

Christ left us with an amazing privilege to be involved as a community of believers. In Greek there is a word “Eklessia” which means the called out. It is used to communicate a gathering of people for a specific purpose. We as the church universal are called out for a specific purpose and that purpose … Continue reading

God shows up in big ways!

I feel really blessed. I am blessed by my family, friends, finacialy – in every aspect of my life I feel blessed!!! We were really struggling finacialy the past month or so. Amy and I knew that God was going to be faithful, but we felt like we were sinking. I had a health insurance … Continue reading

If you would like to hear the sermon I just preached at RPC

  I wanted to put a link to the Rock Point Church website in case you would like to hear the sermon that I delivered on Sunday. I am not trying to be vein or proud, but rather I am trying to use this blog to represent the thoughts and things that I am involved … Continue reading

Social Gospel good or bad?

    As our nation is on the dawn of an election, we as a people are starting our metaphorical political day with a cup of coffee, chatting about some very important issues! With issues such as a war in a country that for hundreds of years has opporated without the freedoms that we Americans have quite … Continue reading