Featured Artists

This page is dedicated to amazing artist that I have come across. Some are friends and some I have just found. I hope you enjoy their art as much as I do! Click on the artist page in the side bar on the side under featured artist section.


Artist Profile: Benjy Rench

Benjy is a friend of mine that I think is so amazing. He epitomizes creativity! He uses almost every creative media to express his art! His fine art has a really cool vibe and his music is amazing as well. I met Benjy when I lived in Temecula California and really connected with him as a friend. He got me into oil painting and I have been attempting ever since. Thanks Benjy for expanding my knowledge and understanding of expressing creativity. I am a huge fan of Benjy and I know you will be as well.

Check out his Website at: http://www.benjyrench.com/

Check out his music on itunes: Benjy Rench

Artist Profile: Shawn Tyler Gray


Shawn Tyler Gray is a singer song writer as well as worship director at Rock Point Church! I think he has one one of those voices that just makes you want to listen and sing along! He is incredibly talented and creative in his writing. In addition to being an amazing artist he is also a really good friend and loves the Lord with everything he is! 

Please check him out at http://www.myspace.com/shawntylergray or click on the photo above!


Artist Profile: Promise Tangeman

Promise is one of those artist that just blows my mind. She has an amazing creativity and style and beautiful use of color. Her art is connected intematly with pop culture, yet has a timless quality to it as well. Promise is an artist that I can’t wait to see her next project and I’m sure you are going to feel the same way!!!


Artist Profile: Ashley Bugg


I want to highlight an artist that I think is truly amazing. She owns her own photography business and has a great style to her photos. You can check her out at http://www.buggphotographer.com

She is great to work with. Amy and I did an all day photo shoot with and her husband John and It was a blast! I traditionally have not enjoyed taking pictures, but Ashley is so talented and fun that I felt comfortable and actually had a great time! 

If you are looking to have pictures taken of your family or for a wedding or special event – please check her out! SO TALENTED!




2 thoughts on “Featured Artists

  1. How fascinating. How did you get involved in the art world. I think it’s great.

    Posted by Larry | November 19, 2008, 3:06 am
  2. When am I going to be featured on your artist page? I’ve made some amazing color-coded excel spreadsheets to track my income and expenses.

    Posted by Eli Gillespie | March 20, 2009, 4:15 pm

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